New Lifehouse Academy

nlhWelcome to New Lifehouse Academy in Oklahoma! We are a lower cost, ranch-based Christian boarding school designed for troubled or misbehaving girls, age 13-18. Our goal is to provide the teenage girls and their families with the tools and resources to help them begin to thrive academically, relationally and spiritually. We help once troubled girls begin living a fulfilling life, equipping them to become happy, confident, self-reliant, and successful adults.

NLA is a Christian boarding school for girls, designed for troubled teenagers that are:

» Making poor and even dangerous choices
» Acting entitled, selfish, or detached
» Drug/substance abuse or addiction
» Manipulating family and others
» Lying, sneaking out, isolating from family
» Rebelling against authority
» Depressed, withdrawn or self-destructive
» Diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or anger
» Academically behind or unmotivated.

Our boarding school staff will help your teen get on the other side of bad behaviors. We’re located in beautiful Northeastern Oklahoma, an area known as Green Country. With rolling hills, tall pines, a scenic valley and spring fed creek, the 913 acre property is picturesque and peaceful.

Emotional Growth

Students at New Lifehouse Academy progress through three distinct phases, each of which lasts about four months.

First Phase: “Know Yourself”

When students arrive at NLA, their first task is to understand the choices that led them to their current situation. Students must admit the presence of negative issues, take personal responsibility for their actions, and begin to realize how their own choices have affected their lives and the lives of others around them. Spiritually, we desire to see each student begin discovering, or returning to, their identity in Christ. After defining their own core issues, students move toward identifying the triggers for those issues.

Second Phase: “Choose Yourself”

Building upon the knowledge gained in the first phase, students then concentrate on recognizing behavior patterns and identifying those things that tend to initiate the patterns. Once students can recognize those triggers, they learn how to make different choices in response to those situations. Students learn how specific issues contribute to the building of a person’s character. The final goal of the second phase involves seeing problems as opportunities instead of perceiving them as trials. We teach the Biblical principle that our weakness allows the strength of Christ to be displayed in us.

Third Phase: “Give Yourself”

With much of their emotional growth work completed, Third Phase students shift their focus to giving to others. While still working through details of their individual issues, teens find opportunities to give back to the students coming through the program behind them. Specifically, each teen in Third Phase is assigned two other students in lower phases to serve and assist. Students also take responsibility for daily aspects of the program as part of their Leadership training. Required components of the Phase III program include Mercy Missions Trips and Community Service, along with a project intended to leave a lasting benefit for students who will come behind. Also in the Third Phase, we place great emphasis on planning a successful return to the home environment, especially focusing on long-term results.

Advanced Leadership Training

More than a boarding school for teenagers struggling with family and personal issues, New Lifehouse Academy focuses on advanced leadership training for all of our students. Some teens who come to us have misdirected their God-given leadership abilities, while some have made poor choices while following the lead of others. NLA seeks to help each student develop their own natural leadership traits to the best of their ability.

The purpose is to place students in a positive peer leadership role. Most students that come here fall into one of two categories of leadership. One is that they followed the lead of the crowd and the second is that they were leaders in the wrong direction.

Students benefit from the leadership roles they are required to be in by learning to lead in the proper way and direction. Students also learn that being a leader is rewarding and overcome the fear of being in that position. They discover what it is like to truly lead and to deal with the responsibility.

Because leadership is different in individuals as well as the situation someone might be placed in, we model that here at New Lifehouse. The responsibilities and roles of leadership change as the student progresses through the program.

Teen Challenge has developed a robust “Emerging Leaders” leadership development curriculum that lays a great foundation for young people to develop into high quality leaders. A 3-level system, students here will complete level 1 over a 6-9 month time frame.

The program includes several books with assignments, personal projects, community service, as well as weekly group meetings with peers and a staff mentor to discuss the leadership principles they are learning through academics as well as application.

Athletics (Team Sports)

In addition to everyday recreational activities, every student here has the opportunity to participate in varsity athletics. We are convinced that participating on a team in a competitive environment builds character and when lead in a proper way helps to work out many of the issues a young man might be dealing with in his life. An example would be frustration and anger when unable to be in control or when things don’t go your way. We see student after student being able to apply this lesson to that issue in his life and connect how acting inappropriate not only impacts her but also those that are closest to her.

Participation is not mandatory but is highly recommended. We participate in the Oklahoma Christian School Athletic Association. This allows us to compete against schools of our size and with appropriate level of competition. Currently students can participate in basketball and volleyball. The teams are coached by staff that have experience with these sports, either at the high school or collegiate level.

Our Program

New Lifehouse provides young women with an experience that will help to instill a positive, strong work ethic into their character. Two major things that we hope to accomplish here is learning to take personal responsibility as well has concern for others. Accomplishing assigned chores and other projects help the student discover these on her own while being mentored through the process. A lesson discovered is much more powerful than a lesson taught.

Fine Arts Program

A part of the school, every student will enroll into our fine arts program. We truly believe that everyone has a talent in this area. Our goal in fine arts is to help the student discover something they never knew they had or to develop the talent they already know is there. Areas that are taught are:

  1. • Music, keyboard, percussion, guitar
  2. • Singing, solo, ensemble, choir
  3. • Drama, skits, human video
  4. • Public speaking
  5. • Art, drawing, painting

Vocational Training

Work Ethic!! A highly important part of personal development and a life skill that is necessary for a successful life, no matter your career path. Through vocations we help to develop that work ethic. A student here once said this about his time here; “I learned that I like to work.” There is a success story in one sentence!


Daily recreation is important to a well rounded individual. Our daily schedule allows time for everyone to spend being active. On campus activities include, basketball, volleyball, football, running, weight lifting, and general exercise. With over 900 acres and a beautiful spring fed creek time is spent with hiking and swimming as weather permits.

Off campus activities include, camping, fishing, ropes courses and numerous field trips to places such as Civil War battle fields, museums, local dam/power plant, parks, and many more.

Integration through Local Youth Groups

The importance of good peer relationships can not be highlighted enough. The reality of a students stay here is that she will return home and back into stressful peer relationships. Today’s society pushes peer relationships in directions that are not always the best or most productive.

As a student progresses through the program and reaches the appropriate level she begins to attend the local youth group. Working closely with the church staff our goal is to integrate our students into the youth group while maintaining healthy boundaries. Through this opportunity our staff are able to help the students develop appropriate relationships and discover that relationships with peers can be good without the pressures of society.